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TakeThatTB is the tuberculosis patient organization affiliated with the TBnet. TakeThatTB members want to talk about their experiences during and after TB treatment and improve the stay of those currently in isolation / on treatment in hospital. TakeThatTB is not a medical advice or support group but only serves the purpose of exchange of TB experiences.

The target group are former and current TB and MDR-TB patients, doctors, nurses, hospital staff and relatives of patients with tuberculosis.Currently, TakeThatTB is a group of former patients from Europe (mostly Moldova, Spain and Germany), India, Africa and Australia.


TakeThatTB was founded as a website ( by Cordula Ehlers in July 2012 as a result of many impressions during a TB course and many personal experiences in the field of TB since 2008.


TakeThatTB is intended as a platform for the exchange of information but also serves as a forum for concerns, questions and experiences. The primary aim is the exchange between patients and the discussion about their experiences with TB. Thus TakeThatTB

  • is a meeting area “From Patients For Patients”, e.g.
    • a platform for patients on treatment to show them that there is a life after TB, which is very worth living;
    • a platform for former patients who want exchange their experiences with TB;
  • is a chat room for patients in isolation to get support and understanding that only other patients can give.
  • aims at raising the awareness of TB in our communities
  • aims at helping to remove the stigma TB has associated with it;
  • aims at helping clinicians to understand TB from the patients point of view; TakeThatTB therefore welcomes doctors and hospital staff to become a member of TakeThatTB.

Affiliation & Connections

Besides being affiliated with the TBnet, TakeThatTB is member of the STOP TB Partnership. Here, TakeThatTB is already connected with the “Global Coalition of TB Activists“ Google Group which functions as STOP TB Partnership TB community representative, with the Treatment Action Group and TB Proof.


Since November 2012, this page is available on Twitter (@TakeThatTB) and since February 2013 on Facebook Take That TB). There is a closed Google Group, which supports the exchange of current and former patients.