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Clinical trials are helping to advance science,

they can save lives and

improve quality-of-life for the patient.

TBnet: Moving to a better world.

"TB can make patient and doctor smile"
"A picture of myself."
"Beautiful girls and terrifying TB -­‐ a regrettable impression about Moldova"
"My workplace"
"Learn today, to fight tomorrow"
"We are lucky"
"I will be treated?!"
"Our history"
"A very peculiar personal computer"
"A sea of pills"
"Circle the important things and live them"
"Counting colonies – a scientist’s point of view"
"Fluorescent mycobacteria detected on an agar plate"
"Childhood TB"
"Let’s treat Tuberculosis and the Sun of the Health will drive away the dark clouds of suffering, pain and burden of tuberculosis!"
"A Micro Tech is setting agar susceptibilities against first-­ and second-­line antimycobacterial agents"

TBnet is a network to promote clinically oriented research in the field of tuberculosis in Europe by sharing and developing ideas and research protocols


Latest News

Here you find TBnet related news and general news from clinical tuber-culosis to basic tuberculosis research - usually the paper of the month. You can provide informations on news that should be listed by contacting contact@tb-net.org.

Meetings & Events

Informations on meetings related to tuberculosis or nontuberculous mycobacterial infections and on our TBnet meetings are provided under this link. If you wish meetings to be listed, please contact the TBnet using contact@tb-net.org.


Membership to the TBnet, NTM-NET or ptbnet is free. You can become a TBnet member by completing the sign-up-form and contacting Graham Bothamley or Cordula Ehlers before registration at the website.